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‘Yoga is the journey of the Self,
through the Self,
to the Self.’

~Bhagavad Gita~



Find out about the Hatha/Yin , Yin and Yoga Dance classes available in group or individual sessions. All collective lessons last 1h15 minutes and upon reservation (click here for the schedule and practice locations). Note: Yoga Nidrâ is mainly proposed during the workshops but can also be available on 1:1 and online.

All classes are accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner or a regular practitioner, as I offer variations for each pose in order to accommodate each anatomy and out of respect for each person’s body.

You will find below a short description of each style of yoga.


Why Hatha/Yin ? I combine Hatha and Yin Yoga in my classes in order for you to really feel in your body the difference between yang and yin energy and benefitiate from the complementarity of these two practices.

Depending on the week’s theme, I also occasionally include Hatha Flow, mixing the practice of poses in stillness as well as in motion to experience the effects of both states on the body, breath and mind.

Friday night’s class is 100% Yin Yoga.

Whatever the type of yoga, I insist on the postures (asanas), the breath, breathing exercises (pranayama) as well as the inner listening.

The practice of yoga is above all a means of learning to listen to the body,
but also of what surfaces within you while you inhabit a posture.

soleil hatha yogaHATHA YOGA

Hatha Yoga, also called traditional yoga, initially appeared to prepare the body for meditation by toning and strengthening it.

The root of this Sanskrit term is made up of two words: ‘Ha’ = sun (Yang energy) and ‘Tha’ = moon (Yin energy). Hatha Yoga, thus aims to harmonize and balance these two energies, both opposite and complementary, which reside within us.
Hatha Yoga qualifies as yang yoga as, unlike Yin Yoga , it requires the engagement of our muscles in the postures, generally static, which we practice taking into taking into account a specific alignment.

BENEFITS: tonicity, flexibility, reconnection to the breath and overall calming of the being.

photo celine pauly yoga cours navasana


Yin Yoga is based on Chinese medicine, Taoism and Indian yoga postures. It is often referred to as a gentle, meditative yoga.

The poses are performed in a seated or lying position, with eyes closed in order to sharpen our capacity for inner listening.

In Yin Yoga, we seek a sensation. ‘Less is more’ is your mantra. There is no need to push yourself in a pose. We use accessories (blocks, bolsters, cushions, blankets) to help find the right posture’s angle, thus enabling the body to relax in order to remain still for several minutes. Should there be any pain, we adjust, explore, or leave the posture altogether respecting our body’s message.

This notion of letting go differentiates Yin Yoga from Hatha and other types of yoga. In addition, we also pay attention to the meridians and take care to make space for moments of silence to facilitate listening within.

See you on Friday evenings at 6 p.m. for a 100% moment Yin Yoga.

BENEFITS: sharpens inner listening, targets deep tissues, flexibility, release of accumulated physical and mental tension, calms the nervous system.

photo celine pauly yoga cours yin yoga


Yoga Dance, an evidence

The idea to combine yoga and dance moves was with me ever since my first Yoga Teacher Training.

My intention

Offer a safe space where you feel free to express what moves you through choreography/sequence in the awareness of the body and the breath.

What is a Yoga Dance session like?

  • Time to reconnect with yourself through conscious breathing,
  • Warm up muscles and joints ,
  • Practice yoga postures,
  • Learn choreography step by step
  • Slow down
  • Relaxation.

Once your body has integrated the sequence over time and practice, the energy changes,  you are able to let go of the mind. The movements become more fluid, giving you the space to add your personal ‘touch’, to feel your body differently, to allow yourself to be ‘you’ and…enjoy! 🙂

BENEFITS: fluidity, tonicity, flexibility, memorization, self-expression, creativity.

For who ?

Anyone interested in yoga, dance, open to discovering a different approach and letting yourself be carried away.

Contact me or check out my Facebook Page to know the dates or book an online session


I usually propose Yoga Nidrâ to close the workshops and, occasionally, at the end of the weekly Hatha/Yin and Yin Yoga sessions instead of the usual relaxation (Savasana). It can also be offered as an individual session.

Although meaning ‘yogi sleep’ in Sanskrit, Yoga Nidra is actually:

  • a deep relaxation practice,
  • a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping,
  • an act of listening and feeling,
  • an invitation to an inner journey.

During a Yoga Nidrâ session you let yourself be guided through breathing exercises, visualization and rotation of consciousness in the body.

BENEFITS: Improves quality of sleep, better stress management, calming of body and mind, reconnection to self.

photo celine pauly yoga nidra



26 rue Saint Jâmes

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Wednesday7:30 pm
Thursday7:45 pm
Friday6:00 pm


75 avenue Paul Doumer

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Tuesday6:30 pm
Friday10:00 am
YOGA DANSE (Twice a month)*
Saturday10:30 am

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Impasse Coucombre, 24130 Prigonrieux

When the fine weather arrives, we have the opportunity to practice in a privileged setting on the Château Combrillac estate ( in Prigonrieux (less than 10 km from Bergerac).

A most beautiful and quiet place ideal shaded by magnificent trees and surrounded by vineyards in contact with nature elements.


Should you not live in Bergerac’s area, online classes guided in English are available.

You do not have the time to get to town or prefer to practice in the comfort of your ‘home sweet home’ and being guided in English ? Online classes are available. I can also come to your home if you live in Bergerac or around the surrounding area. Just click on ‘contact me’ (link to ‘contact’ button) and I will be happy to inform.

(on quotation)

  • Chair yoga for seniors,
  • Bachelorette parties,
  • Birthdays and other private events.